About the Client

UK based company that provides the detailed stocks information of many top listed companies world wide. Also provide the detail analysis including charts and historic data.

United Kingdom
Scope of work
Search algorithm Subscription Management User Management

The Challenge

We receive only Html design of this site and Our job was to create a complete product using core PHP. One of the main tasks is to implement Stripe and Paypal subscriptions. We provide all securities steps which are needed to implement payment gateways.

Propatterns backend contain huge database and contain details of various top listed companies. One of the challenges was to list the companies data based on user search at light speed.


Propatterns.co.uk Displays data of Stock, Exchange analyses historical stock price and volume data, looking for trends and patterns of movement. Investment ideas discussed on this website may involve high risk and there is a possibility of total loss. This website developed in Core PHP and News (Blog) Section in Wordpress.

Propatterns.co.uk Displays Newsfeed, multiple type of Charts of Stocks Data, so easily Investors can justify the stock market Status. Stripe and Paypal are the payments gateway we have user for subscriptions model.

So, generally Three types of user we have managed here, 1) Subscribers 2) Visitors (non subscribers) and 3) Admin.

Socket js is implemented to get instant notifications of any events. Like new subscription created, user cancel his subscription etc.

PHP Mailer is implanted for user mailing Facility.

Propatterns UI image

When working on the project we focused on using the most recent technology pieces.

When working on a project first and foremost thing is, to use the most latest and reliable technologies available, so when working with Propatterns we made sure to use the most promising technologies in the market, which will provide our client the security and ease of use for both the client and admin side in their project. The latest technologies used for both Frontend and Backend are listed as follows.

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • API Integration
  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap
  • SCSS
  • JQuery

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