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About us

Who we are

We are a professional web design, website development, and product development company established in 2018, all committed to the success of our esteemed client base.

  • To assist customers innovatively, we blend user interface, user experience, and architecture.
  • We are continually on the lookout to outperform ourselves in each and every area of client assistance and services related to their technical requirements.
  • We move forward as a tight-knit team dedicated to the company’s progress as a unit.



Abidhusain Chidi

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Abidhusain is the Co-founder and CEO of QalbIT. He is a proven leader and entrepreneur who has been instrumental in QalbIT’s swift growth. Abidhusain has more than 10 years of global experience across various Fortune 500 organizations comprising Big 5 management consulting firms.

Mohsinali Chidi

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Mohsinali is the Co-founder and COO of QalbIT. He is a recognized leader and entrepreneur who has been influential in QalbIT’s quick growth. Mohsinali has 10+ years of proficient experience across top Fortune 500 companies and leading consulting companies worldwide.


Core values

Self Confidence One
Self Confidence

Our teams are highly confident in delivering all projects on time and reaching client goals.

Curiosity Two

Our teams are curious to explore and innovate new things in daily business and operations.

Positive Thinking Three
Positive Thinking

Our teams work mutually in a group with encouraging vibes and are always optimistic.

Responsibility Four

Our teams take entire ownership of all the client projects and deliver the best solutions.

Honesty Five

Our teams are open, reliable, responsible, and honest in their interactions with all stakeholders.

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