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Best Custom Software Development Company With Expertise in Crafting Scalable Websites and High Technology-Enabled Web Applications in Computer Science.

Reliable Web & Mobile App Development Company

As a Top Web & Mobile development Company, we have built safe, useful, and personalized web applications with a high level of flexibility. As per the client project requirements, we leverage advanced technologies to build a product with superior quality benchmarks. We assist you in standing out in this advanced digital space by offering custom web development solutions.

QalbIT Infotech has been building futuristic web-based solutions that have taken its clients to the next level and heights. Our highly proficient web developers have accepted a client-focused approach by having acquaintance with the newest web technologies such as ReactJS, Angular, Node.js, Laravel, Codeigniter, and other leading technologies.

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What we do

Front End Tech

Front-end development is the technology practice of dealing with everything that the user base visually views in their Web App or web browser.

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Back End Tech

Back-end development is accountable for handling data to make sure everything on the client-side works precisely.

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Modern-day Web & Mobile Development Services You Require for Swift Business and Operations Growth.

QalbIT Infotech delivers superior quality web application development services by keeping prospective clients in mind for startups, SMEs, and enterprise companies. As one of the best web development companies in the UK and India, we have a loyal team of web developers who can work with state-of-the-art technology, and you can dedicatedly hire web developers for your project requirements.

We are a leading custom web app development company, delivering extensive series of web development services that meets all the innovative needs of our esteemed clients. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Website Design and Development.
  • Customized Web App Development.
  • E-commerce Development Solutions.
  • Content Management System (CMS) Development.
  • Web-based Product Development.
  • Technology Maintenance and Support.
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  • Website Design and Development.
  • Customized Web App Development.
  • E-commerce Development Solutions.
  • Content Management System (CMS) Development.
  • Web-based Product Development.
  • Technology Maintenance and Support.
Our work

Take a look at some of our work.

Events, Members & Club Management
Snappy Stats

Snappystats is a shooting management web application through which club manages multiple events of shootings.

SMS Campaign management

An SMS campaign management system and admin analysis dashboard with landing page builder.

Laravel SMS API
Chrome Extension

An automation tool to integrates with popular real estate websites to provide real time investments analysis.

Javascript Laravel HTML
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Our Industry Wise Technology Solutions


Your targeted consumers not only demand useful products but even highly customized and effortless online shopping experiences. Our teams will assist you in developing and optimizing your E-Commerce portals, making your business and operations more responsive.

  • Deal with Inventory
  • Sales & Marketing Analytics
  • Enable Point of Sale (POS)
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Make your targeted consumer's digital banking and fund investment experiences seamless without annoyance, such as swift digital banking transactions from anywhere and at any time.

  • Effortless Money Transfer
  • Simple Investment and Guides
  • Handle Daily Expenses and Offers
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Food Delivery

Steer your probable consumer base into a convenient space where online ordering food turns completely effortless with end-to-end digital synced solutions in the food delivery business.

  • Order Monitoring
  • Smart In-App Payments
  • Effortless Tracking
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Food Delivery secondary image
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We are on a mission to take healthcare technology to the subsequent level by leveraging highly effective technologies to steer better patient interactions with customer-centric Web Apps and innovative functionalities.

  • Swift Digital Appointments
  • Monitor & Track Daily Routine
  • Order Medicines Digitally
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With fitness technology solutions, you can better monitor daily activities. With our developed fitness solutions, we have made fitness enthusiasts' experiences more flexible and effortless by taking all their touchpoints digitally.

  • Swift Digital Appointments
  • Monitor & Track Daily Routine
  • Order Medicines Digitally
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Real Estate

When it comes to offering fitting services to your clients to sell, purchase or rent properties, with our Real Estate web development solutions, you can achieve all objectives to enhance your business in smarter ways.

  • Straight forward Property Listing
  • Business and Customer Statistics
  • Modern-day Search Criteria
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The entertainment industry is essential in our life to burn out stress levels. Let us offer your user base the finest experience to take their strain out with our Entertainment industry-based web development solutions.

  • Booking Tickets Digitally
  • Real-time Entertainment
  • Advanced Gaming Solutions
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Offer your clients the top most travel experience at their fingertips by making their travel touchpoints more striking. Consumers like to leverage web apps for travel in which they can do everything from initiation to the endpoint.

  • Digital Ticket / Hotel Booking
  • Online Tour Guide
  • Easy Currency Converter
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Travel secondary image
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Provide your user base with a great experience to watch matches and get real-time updates at any time and from anywhere with Sports web development solutions without purchasing expensive tickets and waiting in the traffic.

  • Digital Booking of Tickets
  • Live Streaming
  • News & Insights
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After the pandemic, there has been an upliftment in the digital education platform. Parents encourage children to leverage smart devices for educational based applications to improve their learning skills.

  • Live and Dynamic Classes
  • E-Library for Tutorials
  • Digital Examinations
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Social Networking

Social media applications assist you in enlarging your business network, improving brand loyalty and trustworthy, increasing conversion rates and enhancing customer services.

  • Apps for Messaging and Calling
  • Communities Applications
  • Job Posting Applications
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Socail Networking secondary image
Socail Networking secondary image


By leveraging enterprise mobility solutions, businesses have incredible openings to streamline their operations and resolve challenges for better productivity. You can enhance customer services and earn back more profits.

  • Sales and Marketing Apps
  • Employee Management Solutions
  • HR Web Applications and Portals
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Significant Benefits of Having a Website Portal or Web & Mobile Application for your Business.

Use Our Web Development Proficiency To Back Business Advancements

As your target audiences spend most of their time searching for business solutions on the Internet, all company businesses should have a precise web presence. Having a website or web application for any category of business provides significant benefits. Here are critical reasons to build a website or web app for your business.

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Crafts Reputation

Having a website or application can assist businesses in boosting suppleness and gaining a reputation. As per the study, company businesses having a website portal are more credible than one that merely has a social media page.

Extensive Audience Reach

Having a website or app assists you enlarge your audiences and making deals with clients who are far-away from your business place. Also, a website can be available 24*7 without any interruption or holiday.

Market Your Business

The website has been evidenced to be the finest approach to market and promote your business online. As matched to conventional marketing tactics, digital marketing through the website portal of your business is faster, more effective, and cost-efficient.

Keep Monitoring Your Business

Another gain of having a website is that you can keep monitoring your services and products on a real-time basis by cross checking web visitor data sets. You can figure out which offerings are drawing the most attention online.

Enhance Customer Services

Customers always love prompt feedback from businesses about the challenges they encounter. A website can assist you in enhancing your customer service by swiftly dealing with client complaints and user feedback.


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Why select us

Why Select QalbIT for Web Development Services

Being a leading web app development company, we are trusted for serving advanced business requirements and offering the best-in-class technology solutions at competitive pricing globally. Here is why we can be the first preference when it comes to developing websites and web applications.

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Client Contentment

We work on the best frameworks and technologies to offer user-friendly, highly scalable, safe, and modern-day business solutions as per your demands.

Agile Processes

We work on Agile practices and enable scrum events to enhance the set development benchmarks and approaches to deliver result-oriented outcomes.

Devoted Teams

We have a dedicated team of developers who are experts in providing high-end technology solutions on multiple frameworks and web platforms.

Work Transparency

We admire your concepts and business vision, offering you each of the small project details frequently, and we comprehend your valued assistance when it is required.

Supple Engagement Models

As a substitute for working on unsolicited and harsh parameters, we offer suppleness to our customers to choose from diverse engagement and precise hiring models.

Competitive Price Range

We provide an explicit blend of cost-effective pricing with great quality to ensure the lowest costs in different project segments and domains.

Key coding benchmarks

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Intelligent coding is to side step technical challenges while creating the code and make it liability resilient. We design the actions and how the user base could respond prior to writing the actual code.

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The reusability of code trims down idleness and overall development time. The enhanced optimization of code is quite significant, and we do the same by applying the reusability of the code.

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Effective code is the development that is highly professional and comprehensible. It is written as per the extensively acknowledged coding benchmark.

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We enable code that is steady prior to releasing any of the developed solutions. We leverage several testing tools to cross checking the steadiness of the code and the product.

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Frequently asked questions

chevron down What are the advantages of outsourcing web development?

The significant benefits of outsourcing your web development project are:

  • Lower development and implementation costs
  • Flexibility to work in diverse time-zones
  • Access to skilled developers
  • Compact development times
  • Guaranteed quality services
  • Use of advanced technology
  • Enhanced understanding of diverse platforms
chevron down How long does it take to develop a quality website or web application?

Computation of how long it takes to build a quality website or web app will rely on many factors such as the development platform, the intricacy of the design, skill levels of involved programmers, must-have features, QA, testing, and many more. Connect with us regarding your project requirements to know the projected time.

chevron down How much does a web application development cost?

The cost of web app development relies on several factors like the development platform, project groupings, project complication, experience of developers, and needed project functionalities in your web application or website portal. Connect with us regarding your project requirements to get the development cost.

chevron down How to select the best web application development company?

You should check the following information and related insights on:

  • Work Portfolio
  • Client References
  • Developed application types
  • Experience in the industry
  • Technology Support
chevron down What are the diverse web development services?

There are three categories of web development services: Front-end development for developing the precise user interface, Back-end development for the code to operate all web operations, and FSull-stack development, which can deal with all facets of web development solutions.

Our Development Approaches

Agile Tactics

Agile tactics and methodologies are project management approaches leveraged for precise software development procedures. It is a tactic where project requirements and solutions advance throughout the procedure through the collective effort of cross-functional teams and clients.

Cost Efficiency

Our team evaluates business needs and shares the newest fitting solutions in a cost-efficient approach. We recommend the technology stake as per the demand and offer the finest solution at an optimum project cost.

Work Transparency

We work with complete transparency, and that is one of the prime reasons our customers trust us the most. All the procedures and codes are visible to the customer stakeholders whenever they like to visit them, and nothing is secreted from them.

Process Flexibility

We offer highly flexible processes and approaches to our clients in terms of programming, in terms of actual work hours, in terms of technology and needed business support.

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