Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy at QalbIT

This is our privacy policy which takes effect on October 19th, 2021. It encloses every QalbIT web content that links right here and all the products, solutions and services described on those sites. The comprehensive policy follows a similar structure as this summary and comprises the legal document.

Our Privacy Commitments and Promises

QalbIT has at no time sell your details and information to any 3rd party service company for marketing, advertising, fiscal purpose or displaying you other people’s ads and marketing promotions, and we not ever will.

This has been our promise, and we will stick to the same. This policy describes to you what details and information we do collect from you, what we do with it, who can have asses of the same, and what you can do regarding it.

Part I - Information QalbIT gathers and controls

We only gather the details that we really require and which is significant to us to offer services to you or your company. Some of that is the details and information that you provide us. At the same time, you contact us through direct emails, by filling in contact forms or lead generation forms and asking for obtaining our services or purchasing something from us. We store your details such as your name and contact details comprising phone, social profiles, contact address etc., and your project information.

When you explore our websites or utilise our services, we automatically log some fundamental information like how you got to the website portal, where you browsed and navigated within it, your precise location and what functionalities and settings you used. We use this detail to enhance our sites and offered services and to steer and serve you well while delivering our solutions and services.

Sometimes we obtain information and details indirectly. This happens when you ask about our services and solutions through explicit referral programs or reselling partners or by an authentication service provider such as Google, Facebook or LinkedIn. They pass your contact details and information to us, and we will utilise that detail to fulfil the request information that you made.

Suppose you interact with our company brand on social media sites (by liking, putting comments, retweeting, mentioning, or by following our pages). In that case, we will have access to your engagements and profile details. We will still have those details even if you later take them away from the social media portals.

What QalbIT actually do with your details and information

We utilise your details and information to offer better services you have asked for, build, maintain and sustain your accounts. We even utilise it to interact with you about the solutions and services you are presently utilising, your technical support requests, fresh services you may like, likelihoods for you to give us any services feedback, and updating of our current policies. We evaluate the information we bring together to comprehend user requirements and to advance our sites, solutions and services.

We are obligated to have a legal foundation for gathering and processing your details, and we take your consent or require the details to offer the specific services you have requested from us. When that’s not the scenario, we must validate that we have an additional legal source, like or similar to a legitimate business interest.

You can decline some sorts of details and information utilisation either by not offering the details in the foremost place or by opting out in the later phase. You can even disable cookies to avert your browser from offering us details and information.

However, if you do so, some site functionalities and features may not work accurately. We entirely restrict 3rd party cookies from all our web portals. We bound access to your personal details to our staff members, stakeholders and vendors who have a legitimate requirement to utilise it.

The European Economic Area (EEA) offers rights to data subjects (access, erasure, restriction of processing, rectification, data portability, and the right to complain or object). We undertake to offer you the same types of rights no matter where you select to live.

We keep your details and information for as long as needed for the purposes described in the Privacy Policy. When we don’t require to process your details anymore, we will delete, anonymise, or isolate your details, whichever is fitting.

Part II - Information and Details that QalbIT processes on your behalf

If you manage other people’s data and information utilising QalbIT services, such as details about your clients or staff members, you entrust that information to us for processing.

As a service provider, you may share your clients, staff members, and vendors detail as an integral part of project development procedures. You own your service and project information, and we safeguard the same, restrict access to it, and only utilise it as per your provided instructions. You may use it, share it by 3rd party integrations, and request that we export or remove it.

We clutch and save the data as long as you select to utilise our services. After you end the contract, we may keep the backup of the project data if you indicate so for some time. Your information and data will be removed or deleted from our servers with your direct consent.

Suppose you fall in the European Economic Area and you think that someone has entrusted your data and information to us for some of the processing (taking an example, your staff members, your employer or an organisation whose services you utilise).

In that case, you can request specific actions from us related to your information and data. To exercise those information rights, you can connect with the person or organisation that entrusted the information and data to us. We will work with them on your explicit requests.