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Events, Members & Club Management

A Tennis club management web product for an individual or team to do online booking for their play.


A portal to manage company expense, generate invoice, assign task to associated members and manage payment modes and invoice payments.


A video sharing social sites with user management and stripe subscription plans.

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Frequently asked questions

chevron down What are engagement models? How do they work?

An engagement model is a defined guideline between the client and the development company. It comprises the key responsibilities, set obligations, involved costs, project deadlines, rules, activites, and engagement timelines. This works by legally documenting the project contract and signed by the both involved parties.

chevron down What are the types of engagement models?

There are mainly three types of engagement models, and they are Fixed Cost, Time & Material, and Hire Dedicated Resource model.

chevron down What are the key benefits of choosing engagement models?

A rightly defined engagement model inspires client to form a longer relationship with a service provider company. The estimation of the client's requirement, project scope, and fitting approach for delivering services become easy to comprehend.

chevron down What is the difference amid Fixed cost, Time & Material, and Hire Dedicated Models?

Fixed cost model is best for short-term projects that are built across multiple iterations at a fixed pricing. The project stages and terms of development are decided and approved in advance between both parties, which makes it more effective than other models.

Time and material models is preferably well-matched for long-term projects with varying requirements. The strict scheduling of project tasks enables better performance compared to other models.

A dedicated team can be allied to a client's team to enable quality, exlusive, and precise projects without intensifying the client's key team. It has a swifter workflow when compared to other models.

chevron down What is your pricing model?

The teams at QalbIT are open to all three project engagement models: the fixed cost, time & material, and hire dedicated resources. We deliver projects within budget, and determine precise project pricing while facilitating client projects successfully.

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