About the Client

The objective of the organization is the provision of development and services in the specific domain of eCommerce. The organization may build diverse branches and affiliates both locally and overseas, and participate in other local and foreign companies, and may operate any business that is directly or indirectly linked to its objectives. The organization may acquire, dispose of, encumber and handle real estate at home and overseas. It may also make financing for its own or 3rd party account, and offer guarantees and guarantees to subsidiaries and 3rd parties.

Scope of work
Sport Management Subscription Management Sports ground reservation management Multilingual Support

The Challenge

This is a very huge Product which has around 120+ clubs are registered in it. And without interrupting existing functionalities we have to upgrade it.

We have received this project which is completely running under core PHP and we have to convert in Codeigniter PHP framework with upgrading some extra features. So we have to first analyze that whole project flow.

To manage reservation, web socket integration is already implemented in an old version which we have to upgrade with the existing codeIgniter framework which is an R&D task for us. We need implement code such a way that will run under all clubs with having many sports and every sport has different variation in court and time slot.

We have to display the schedule as weekly based that indicate which slots are booked and which are available to register.

The whole UI part we have to create from scratch so users can easily intersect with the system without any difficulties.


First, we analyze old code and convert it into functions and libraries. In the old system, every page had the same header and footer parts so in the framework we converted these common parts into templating parts. We have followed the framework structure that all user interface files we moved in views folders, also the logic part we have transferred into controller folders. For data storage, we have implemented API which transfers data from the Application to the database server.

We have implemented many payment gateways like Stripe, Twint, Paypal also credit cards.

To create UI more user-friendly we have used bootstrap and media query to make it responsive for all popular mobile devices and web browsers.

Plugin UI image

When working on the project we focused on using the most recent technology pieces.

When working on a project first and foremost thing is, to use the most latest and reliable technologies available, so when working with Plugin we made sure to use the most promising technologies in the market, which will provide our client the security and ease of use for both the client and admin side in their project. The latest technologies used for both Frontend and Backend are listed as follows.

  • PHP
  • CodeIgniter
  • API Integration
  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery

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