About the Client

Snappy Stats is a shooting academy from Switzerland. A hidden but very large scale organization handling lots of shooting events and managing its members. The company was struggling to build a reliable solution to manage all its events and members data on a single platform. And here Snappy Stats web application came to the picture.

Snappy Stats
Scope of work
Event Management Subscription Management Ranking Management Multilingual Support

The Challenge

When we received the Snappy Stats project it was partially developed by some other company. So our first challenge was to analyze existing project and advance database schemas, which was a complicated task. We were also provided with around 54,000 users data on a simple text file, which we imported into the database in a proper format. Our client described the entire flow of the project on paper, so we had to come up with custom business logic and implement it into the project. We also implemented two different language translations for the website.

For rankings, there are many contests for each event and every contest has unique rules. Using the best shoot result a person can get the best rank, with that we have to manage the price distributions scenario. Also, we have to generate its invoices and shoot booklets.


We collect all possible requirements from our client and arrange meetings to create a straightforward scenario to achieve the project goals. Meetings and phone call widely help us to implement further flow. We have used many advanced PHP functions and libraries to optimize our code more flexible and reusable. Based on data sorting and searching algorithms we sort all ranking results in best to lower order. To generate all reports like invoices and shoot booklets we are using DOMPDF & TCPDF libraries. Also, we used a third-party library to generate the “Interleaved 2 of 5” barcode.

To create UI more user-friendly we have used bootstrap and media query to make it responsive for all popular mobile devices and web browsers.

SnappyStats UI image

When working on the project we focused on using the most recent technology pieces.

When working on a project first and foremost thing is, to use the most latest and reliable technologies available, so when working with Snappy Stats we made sure to use the most promising technologies in the market, which will provide our client the security and ease of use for both the client and admin side in their project. The latest technologies used for both Frontend and Backend are listed as follows.

  • Laravel
  • MySQL
  • API Integration
  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap
  • SCSS
  • JQuery

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