Advantages of Online Grocery Shopping

Mon, 28.09.2020
Abidhusain Chidi
Co-Founder and CEO
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It is the 21st century and is a digital world. How does one feel when most of the household work is done with the help of a mobile phone or computer? Maybe, just by a tap. Especially after the huge life-changing COVID-19 pandemic happened! Each one of us is scared to step out of the house and carry out work, when paying bills and ordering food can be done online why not buy groceries?

Imagine going to a supermarket filled with many people, spending hours at the same place, you touching a lot of items at the store, many will not respect social distancing or few might not even wear a mask. Sounds scary and dangerous right? It is highly impossible to disinfect the stores or supermarkets on a very regular basis. Therefore now people are turning their heads towards online grocery shopping. The easiest way to buy your essentials on the go from your safe and comfortable place.

It is very simple, you place the order for the required items, pay it online and it is delivered to your doorstep. You can also leave the package out for a day or disinfect it with a spray and use it. This sounds better and also keeps you away from danger.

Let us check out some advantages of online grocery shopping:

  1. Convenience: How much time does one take to do grocery shopping? The time to get dressed, drive to the store, the purchase, the billing queues, and whatnot! All of this can be avoided by doing online grocery shopping. As you already have the required item list handy, you just have to visit the particular online grocery shopping site, select your items, add them to the card, use one of the many payment options provided, and the essentials are delivered to your doorstep while you are still in your pajamas and drinking a glass of juice.

  2. Time saver: As already said it saves you a lot of time and also not only for the first purchase but also for the consecutive ones. You will not have to worry about making a list very often as the essential items that you regularly buy are already in your previously purchased list or cart, you can just tap on order again or also add items that are not in the list and finish your whole shopping in few seconds as the app has all the data from the name of the brand purchased to the quantity bought. Saves the multiple trips you might have to take to the stores.

  3. Payment Options: Online grocery shopping gives you the advantage of multiple ways of payment where you can use either your debit/credit cards or even choose the option of cash on delivery. However, making a digital payment during the pandemic time is better as it avoids contact with the delivery person or exchange of notes.

  4. Exchange or return options: Firstly the application will let you know if there is an exchange or return option for the store, now which applies to most of the places. By doing it online we save time again, as we do not have to go back to the store to exchange or return the product and repeat the whole process. If there is something to be returned or exchanged, the delivery person will personally do it for you which might cost you just a bit. But you are saving your time and fuel! Also if you are unhappy with the product or the service there are chances where you might receive store credits, discounts, or coupons.

  5. Super saving: Online shopping not only saves your time or fuel but also your money. There are many options where you can save money on your first purchase, use promo codes, discount codes, and offers on special occasions. If you are a regular user or buyer, you might receive points or store credits which you can use while making the payment. Another major money saver is, that most of the items that cost us unnecessarily are the unrequired items that are bought. The attractive things at the billing counter add a few bucks to the bill. All of this can be avoided when we shop online.

  6. Combos: Another important aspect is the combo offers provided by the application. Maybe you might find an option to purchase an item and get another for free. Is there anyone who does not like free products? No!.

  7. Range of Products: You will find a wide range of products online which also helps one in comparing the quality, quantity, and price with one another brand. It saves you from remembering the prices at different stores for many products. Also, you will not miss out on any offers at a particular store and regret buying groceries at different stores as everything will be displayed on your gadget.

  8. Customer Service: You might find difficulty in finding items at the stores, especially for the aged. You might find online chat options on the shopping website or app and will receive instant replies to your queries. Even your doubts regarding payment, exchange, or return can be resolved in no time. Also, one can find contact details of the customer service and can directly speak to the concerned official and clear issues.

  9. Online Options: There is a wide range of apps or websites one can choose as a platform to carry out their purchase. One can again compare and decide what suits them the best and stick to that particular option.

I hope all these points have made you try online shopping if you have not and experience all the benefits that are guaranteed. If you are already making use of this mode, now you know all the pros keep shopping and enjoying. Also, let us all try to teach our elderly this mode which will keep them out of risks at such times. Because in the end, all that matters is your safety, time, money, and comfort. Try online grocery shopping, keep those pajamas on, and rest!

Abidhusain Chidi


Frequently asked questions

chevron down What are the benefits of shopping for groceries on the web?

Clients can buy things from the solace of their own homes or work environment. Shopping is made more straightforward and advantageous for the clients through the web. It is likewise simple to have the transactions cancelled. More importantly, it saves time and endeavours.

chevron down What is the significance of a supermarket?

Shopping for food is a significant part of our everyday life, despite choosing suitable food sources can be somewhat more challenging than expected. Subsequently, changing from any food shopping to solid shopping for groceries is indispensable for somebody who needs to remain sound.

chevron down What reason do individuals use online ordering of groceries?

Online shopping for groceries is great assistance these days. A few stores are giving extraordinary executions around here.
Online groceries give a broad scope of staple, family and individual consideration items, confectionary things, wellness things, and more.

chevron down Is it better to shop in general stores or shops that are small?

A good number of people realise that it's quite often better to shop with neighbourhood stores and little chains than at bigger, enormous box stores—from more customised administration to a more excellent determination of items, the customer frequently leaves significantly more joyful eventually.

chevron down What is shopping nearby?

A shopping neighbourhood is the demonstration of regular purchasers, similar to you, settling on the choice to purchase your produce, dress and everyday things from a nearby business as opposed to going to an enormous retailer.