10 Best Online Course Providers for Your Staff Development in 2022

Thu, 07.04.2022
Mohsinali Chidi
Co-Founder & COO
Best Online Course Providers for Your Staff Development in 2022

In 2022, professional development is much more than a job advantage, instead it is a requirement. Learning the latest technologies and practices is a must to stay abreast with the latest developments in the workplace. The online courses offer an opportunity to hone the existing skills and benefit both an employee and an organization. 

According to a report, more than fifty percent of the workers in organizations need to incorporate the skills to be effective in their respective roles. Therefore, the organizations must adopt several external online course providers while catering to the requirements in the workplace. Thankfully, a large variety of software development services for online courses are available that impact soft skills in various job areas. It is the duty of the organizations to assign the courses while tracking engagement via interactive tests and activities.

Understanding an online course

Several online course platforms are present which package the learning content through distinctive online courses. These assist professionals in improving their skill set while promoting professional growth. At the same time, these are also aimed at offering alternatives to traditional learning while adapting to practical learning sessions outside the traditional classroom setting. 

The online course providers are designed to make them easily accessible across organizations while developing great skill sets. From distinguished subject experts to well-known professors, the instructors speak volumes in the courses.

Prominent kinds of courses offered

  • Caregiving courses
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Microsoft excel
  • Project management
  • Python and R programming
  • Data Science and machine learning
  • User experience design
  • Climate awareness and advocacy
  • Personal branding

Top 10 staff training software development services in 2022

  1. Coursera

Coursera will provide you with several options without sacrificing quality if you are looking to develop various skills by seeking software development services for training courses in corporate companies. It goes back to its roots at Stanford, with the early offerings being focused on STEM. Today, Coursera has expanded and offers 2,700+ courses in any field you are looking for. 

It is essential to complete the assignments taught in the form of quizzes, and you can acquire the certificate. However, if you are looking to explore something new and be interview-ready, you can also audit the courses for free view the material even without participating.

Significant Features:

  1. University rated content
  2. Offers certifications
  3. Presents mobile learning platform
  4. Tracks learners progress
  5. Promotes hands-on learning
  1. edX

Committed to academics, it goes back to its roots in Harvard and MIT. The XSeries programs offer 100+ professional mortgage-backed securities, front-end development, and corporate finance. It practices what it preaches, offers quality educational content, and requires you to invest time. However, if you are looking for a certification, it might even cost you.

Significant Features:

  1. User-friendly dashboard for learners and admin
  2. Courses available for 30+ subjects
  3. Customizable learning paths
  4. Supports peer and community learning
  1. Udemy business

Udemy’s B2B offering offers an extravaganza platter of 14,000+ courses by enabling employee upskilling. From important courses such as tech skills, leadership, management skills, wellness skills, and more, the course is here to impart future learning.

Significant Features:

  1. Available in 14 languages
  2. Custom learning experiences
  3. It helps you partner and implements strategies for the future
  4. Enables simplified integrations
  5. Assesses how participants learn
  6. Course-level and user-level analytics and insights
  7. Dedicated support
  1. LinkedIn learning

The course trains managers efficiently by offering online courses across distinctive business, creative and technical categories. It aims to identify and scrutinize the gaps in skill while prioritizing upskilling sessions.

Significant Features:

  1. Identifies skill gaps and promotes learning activity
  2. Offers personalized learning recommendations
  3. It helps learners to look for the right content and share it across a team
  4. Provides skills and skill assessments
  5. Offers certification
  1. HubSpot Academy

Known for offering a free online training session for customer service, marketing, and sales, the academy is touted as a practical course to train employees on sought-after business skills. This software development services for employee training furthermore offers eBooks for an improved learning experience.

Significant Features:

  1. Free educational content
  2. Easy to read lessons with video segments
  3. Helps learners understand the material prior to the final exam
  4. Promotes learning through real-world examples
  1. FutureLearn for Business:

FutureLearn is associated with L&D teams and aims to create a unique learning solution per one’s budget. It also presents custom courses for all.

Significant Features:

  1. Offers different learning modes
  2. Presents learning through quizzes
  3. Community help is available
  1. SkillShare for teams

In the B2B segment of SkillShare, the platform invites teams to creative courses taught by in-class creators in the field. It furthermore teaches the recent trends while helping them stay updated with one.

Significant Features:

  1. Hands-on content
  2. Best skilled teachers in team
  3. Organizes digital workshops, speeches, and private session
  4. Promotes peer and learner feedback
  1. Alison business

The courses (IT, Sales, Marketing, Management) are typically based on Columbia, Yale, Cambridge courses to reputed corporations such as Google and Microsoft. The content is free to download with affordable certificate courses.

Significant Features:

  1. Videos and additional learning resources
  2. Flexible in selecting courses
  3. Program management tools for engagement
  4. Quizzes are available
  5. Virtual training
  1. Pluralsight skills

It is one of the best software development services for staff courses and is a saviour for start-ups looking to revamp the software production timeline while expanding the professional delivery team.

Significant Features:

  1. Gigantic library
  2. In-course practice
  3. Skill assessments
  4. Offers analytics module
  5. Interactive video training
  6. Interactive courses
  1. Udacity

Known as the ideal platform for cutting-edge courses, it is primarily distinguished for its advanced topics, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more. In addition, it presents a Nanodegree program, enabling learners to learn under the guidance of skilled industry partners. 

It furthermore presents authoritative materials, wherein organizations collaborate to present certified courses. For example, the Google Analytics Nanodegree program is offered in close collaboration with Google while being taught by certified partners of the firm.

Significant Features:

  1. Offers catalogues of different industries
  2. Offers real-world projects with personalized feedback
  3. Video courses
  4. Quizzes and interactive exercises

Key Takeaways

Not all courses are appropriate for your role and the organization you are working in. However, the ten courses mentioned above offer distinguished program modules to assist individuals in the field they are looking to excel in. 

These courses are aimed at helping both employees and organizations benefit in ways unimaginable. It is thus time to evaluate the software development services for staff training courses and take your time to choose the one that fits your organization’s requirements and budget.


Frequently asked questions

chevron down How can I better train my remote employees through an online mode?

Best tips and recommendations for efficient remote staff training includes:
a) Make a digital and operational training schedule for the staff.
b) Craft a pre-class checklist for remote employees.
c) Create an online calendar and set training follow-ups.
d) Make sure access is effortless and don’t disturb their work.
e) Always initiate with a prior orientation from the HR team.
f) Remain online and provide frequent check-ins.
g) Make employees interact and engage while learning.

chevron down How can organizations enable constant learning and employee growth?

The best advice for facilitating company growth and maturity includes:
a) Build a learning ambience.
b) Teach work and life balance through learning.
c) Allow employees to have an online professional library.
d) Provide training reimbursements to staff members.
e) Support with flexible schedules so staff can attend learning classes.

chevron down How do you build an online training course software?

Below are the steps for building a training software solution:
a) Decide on the precise subject matter for the online course software.
b) Test your idea and concept through a prototype
c) Define the target audiences.
d) Research similar software solutions extensively.
e) Hire a software development company
f) Prepare a course outline and craft the content.
g) Develop the software and map the content.