8 Reasons To Choose and Apply Laravel Framework In 2022

Tue, 01.02.2022
Mohsinali Chidi
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8 Reasons To Choose and Apply Laravel Framework In 2022

The popular PHP framework is most used by the people who develop apps. Laravel is one of the most known and famous means to build web applications. Laravel is easy to use and has a wide range of features that make the development of apps easy and convenient. 

This blog post will get you to know more about the Laravel framework and laravel development services.

What is the Laravel Framework?

Laravel is an MVC based PHP framework mainly used by developers to develop all types of applications. It is an open-source platform, so anybody can easily access it. Laravel is easy to enable maintenance and possess different features. 

Additionally, Laravel’s framework is packed with intuitive development features that allow Laravel’s development departments to focus on the fundamentals while generating high-quality results without being distracted by clicking codes from scratch. 

Laravel development services will enable you to use elements from other frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Codelgniter, Symfony, and Yii for authoring. 

We will now see why Laravel development services and Laravel framework are best for web development.

Top 8 Reasons why use Laravel Framework

1. The Model-View-Controller architectural sample support

The first and foremost advantage of Laravel’s much higher popularity over other PHP frameworks follows best development practices. The application of the software design model based on Model View Controller is a good example. 

The model View Controller (MVC) architectural pattern, in the first place, guarantees clarity between logic (Model) and presentation (View) through the objective of the Controller, which translates into an overall improvement in performance, better readability of documentation, and more.

2. Object-oriented libraries

The Laravel framework does not only allow you to structure your code according to MVC principles. This framework also has an expressive and beautiful syntax, making Laravel object-oriented. With this PHP framework, developers also get over 20 preinstalled modular and object-oriented libraries and secondary tools for developing robust web applications. 

With them, software developers can adopt the latest PHP language principles to facilitate the development of responsive and modular web applications. There are some individual Laravel modules that are so unique that they cannot be discovered in most of the other PHP frameworks. For example, the Laravel authentication library helps ensure the safety of the database using functions such as encryption and CSRF protection.

3. The command-line interface

In software development, command-line interface (CLI) programs provide interactive access to functions and services to make it easier for developers to perform specific programming and maintenance tasks. These programs manage commands clearly and thus provide installation, updating, and, in general, robustness services for development processes. 

By counting CLI in the framework, the originators of Laravel certainly did not reinvent the wheel. Many practical solutions build on or are inspired by existing solutions. In the case of software frameworks, certain best practices are adopted by other frameworks.

4. Efficient database and ORM management

Eloquent is an Object Relational Mapping (ORM). It is a massive advantage that you must keep in mind when deciding which PHP framework to choose. It is a built-in implementation and execution that is even the finest ORM amongst other PHP frameworks. It is extensively used by the Laravel framework.

First, Eloquent ORM makes interacting with application databases less difficult. It functions as a comfortable and fluid abstract interface that makes it easy to query the database. Additionally, information migration is one amongst the foremost requested options of the Laravel framework, such a lot of are going to be proud of; however, it optimizes question execution and defines relationships between totally different entities.

5. The Laravel template engine

In simple words, Blade lets you use lightweight in-built templates that create a class-based component. These components can be reused anywhere in your PHP application layout resulting from the exploitation of dynamic content seeding. 

Programming tasks often require the use of a modelling engine as a tool that processes code in source models and directs the output of processing to a corresponding text file or stream. Since Blade takes care of views, the related Blade.php file is usually stored in the resources/views directory. Laravel’s built-in model engine produces the views by compiling models into simple PHP code and caching them for better performance.

6. Safety is Laravel’s most significant concern.

User authentication, password management, a user login and registration, data encryption, and path protection are all at the heart of Laravel’s security measures. As the security of Web applications remains a significant concern for companies, the creators of the technologies commonly used to develop such applications unhesitatingly respond to this concern with helpful security features. So, for example, Laravel has several built-in features that help development teams tackle online threats.

7. Adequate support for efficient unit tests

Unit tests are much less complicated to run on PHP code with Laravel. The framework supports an out-of-the-box test function. It contains tests that detect and prevent regressions in the frame and, in particular, unit testing can be performed through the supplied Artisan command-line utility, which we discussed above. 

Essentially, Laravel comes with a specific set of features that allow you to run unit tests through PHPUnit, a well-established unit testing package for PHP. Once the phpunit.xml file is automatically configured to run unit tests, Laravel runs the tests in Feature and Unit directories.

8. Routing in the Laravel

Every time a server receives a request, a particular action is triggered to handle it. This process is known as routing. And to be fair, the routing at Laravel is fantastic. 

First of all, Laravel’s routing code is quite intuitive. It’s clean and straightforward, especially compared to code used in other frameworks for the path that can be started in the application with enough flexibility and control to match the URL. This scenario adds to the expressiveness and simplicity of Laravel Routing.

Key Takeaways

So, MVC model support, object-oriented libraries, command-line interfaces, a powerful model engine, and built-in ORM implementation are highly featured benefits of Laravel. Also, simplified unit testing, path protection, and a focus on security in Software design make Laravel one of the best PHP frameworks for websites and web applications.

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Frequently asked questions

chevron down Why Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework For 2022?

The Laravel framework is best because it offers innovative configuration and follows a precise architectural pattern, and possesses expressive syntax, turning it object-oriented.

chevron down What is Laravel best used for?

Laravel ranks higher than other frameworks due to its modern-day and advanced development tools that enable swift web app development.

chevron down Why should you Choose Laravel?

When matched to other PHP frameworks, Laravel drives enhanced user authentication and restricted access functionalities. This scenario keeps data sets of clients safer and more secure.