Why should you choose WordPress development for your Website?

Sat, 20.06.2020
Mohsinali Chidi
Co-Founder & COO
Why should you choose WordPress development for your Website

Starting your own website isn’t a hard job. All you need is a pinch of passion and techniques to promote it to the next level. Building your own website would require only a minimal amount of effort nowadays, thanks to WordPress development. Almost all the plugins which would suit your taste are available over there.

Once in a while, everyone thinks about starting their own website based on their interest, hobby, knowledge, talent, etc. Earlier, it seemed to be a tough task. But with the changing time, the world has grown & is still growing technologically.

Building your own website may seem complicated. Yet, it’s not an impossible task to do. But have you thought of designing a website without a designer? Well, that’s how WordPress development comes in the picture. You can resolve every issue related to it in a better manner.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free & open source Content Management System (CMS) written in Hypertext Pre-processor (PHP). In simple terms, it’s the most popular tool to create any sort of website i.e. from a simple website to a high tech business website to an online selling website (Woocommerce).

Astonishing as it sounds – No Coding or designing skills are required to build your website. There are tonnes of free designs (themes) available, you can choose any design & get started. You can build a site, sell stuff, and start your blog. As easy as it sounds, isn’t it?

Nearly 37% of the web is built on WordPress. Brands like BBC, TechCrunch, Bloomberg Professional, The New Yorker, Sony Music, Beyonce, MTV News, and much more use WordPress on their Website.

How is WordPress better than other CMS Platforms?

  • Free: This would be the topmost reason for opting WordPress. When starting a new business, any individual would want to curb down most of the cost & keep the budget low & what’s better than a free CMS instead of overpaying a hefty amount to a designer.
  • Profusion Plugins & Themes: Multiple plugins & themes are available to provide custom functions & features, according to user need i.e. if you would want a certain look for your website, there may be a plugin already developed.
  • Effortless Management: You can easily upload, segregate, manage & organize your media files on the website.
  • Easy Access: Multiple users can access the CMS from any geographical location at any time.
  • User Management: You can introduce features and content with ease. Hence this CMS will help you modify, upgrade according to the current trends or changes required in your business.
  • Search Engine: It provides several search engine optimization (SEO) tools, which makes onsite SEO simpler.
  • Mobile-friendly: The CMS is mobile friendly too. If you want your website to be high-end, then you can use WPTouch plugin & that would make it more feasible to use on the phone.
  • Software Updates: You will have new software updates. This would help fix your issues & help it function better.
  • Global Community: WordPress has a large, global & active community of users who provide solutions and guidance.
  • Importing: It allows importing data in the forms of posts. It imports comments, post pages and tags.
  • Multilingual: It is available in over 100 languages. It allows you to translate the entire content into the language preferred by the user.

Earlier, the entrepreneurs & business owners had to mandatorily hire a professional to start a website & then a developer to modify or make minor changes to their website or the content. Since the existence of WordPress development, It is a blessing & website management has become a lot easier.

Why opt for WordPress development? How does it help small businesses?

  • Cost Free: For any new business, budgets are usually low. If you can save a huge cost of creating a website, what’s better than that? WordPress is completely free. All you have to do is download & install it.
  • Easy set up: This would be another important reason to use WordPress. It can be installed with a single click, without any coding or tech skills.
  • Recognition: For any new business it would be beneficial to create an awareness of its existence. WordPress has a huge user base which can be helpful.
  • Open Source: This feature helps the software developers to add new themes, plugins, and updates. This helps the small business to get better systems without additional costs.
  • Online Community Assistance: Millions of user, developers, and professionally skilled teams are a part of the WordPress community, which means there will be someone, to fix your problem. Blogs, Tips, Guides are also shared over the platform.
  • Secure: Irrespective of being the most powerful & popular CMS, WordPress for business provides good security system by releasing regular updates & security patches.

Some other Benefits of WordPress:

  • CSS files can be modified according to the user’s needs.
  • Media files can be uploaded quickly & easily.
  • Easy Customization.
  • It was easy to edit the content as it uses What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) interface.
  • Multiple SEO tools.
  • Self Hosted i.e. control is in your hands.
  • It has six pre-defined roles for the users for the website i.e. Super Admin, Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor & Subscriber. Each role is allowed to perform a set of tasks called Capabilities. There are many capabilities including “publish posts“, “moderate comments“, and “edit users“.


We are in a constantly changing & technologically growing world. In this fast-paced life, we prefer things which are easy, quick & beneficial.

WordPress for business is undoubtedly the most popular & powerful CMS. As estimated by Netcraft there are over 1.3 billion active Websites on WordPress with 400 Million monthly blog viewers, which according to W3techs, WordPress has 61.8% of the CMS market share more than all other systems (eg, Drupal, Joomla) combined. In recent years it has taken the web by storm & is the fastest growing web publication software.

But with all the advantages, it does help serve the purpose effortlessly and makes the complicated work very easy. A layman can definitely benefit out of it, but it is completely on you, to make WordPress work for your business, that could be either learning yourself or doing it with the help of the third party.

The best WordPress development company in India can smartly cater to all your requirements. Have you got any WordPress development requirements? At Qalbit, we are thriving higher to develop the most prolific experience while handling WordPress for business websites. If you need any help from the top-notch WordPress development company in India, we are here to support it.

mohsinali chidi
Mohsinali Chidi