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How to Accelerate your Business Growth with Web Application Development?

Thu, 09.07.2020
Mohsinali Chidi
Co-Founder & COO
How to Accelerate your Business Growth with Web Application Development

Deliver unsurpassed Results as we build solutions for Industry Leaders

Statista projected that in 2018, Mobile app revenue was over 365 billion US dollars and estimated to 935 billion US dollar revenue via paid downloads and in-app advertising. This shows how businesses can be carried out at all levels from startups to enterprises.

Worldwide mobile app revenues in 2014 to 2013

You simply need an idea to accomplish your goals. You needn’t worry about the Web design and development of your project as we QALBIT solution is of the best Web App Development Company to help you develop anything and everything was thrown to us. From Creative Design to adding amazing features to developing world-class apps we do it all for you.

We don’t just develop apps and websites, we develop your business!

QALBIT Solution is one of the best design and Development Company in mobile and web applications to meet the specific needs of unique users. We follow the user-centric approach that is well-defined, scaled and comes with innovative funded startups.

Our web designer’s team works directly with the client and understands the business role and objectives with ease. Our client has direct access to our development team and helps them find the best solution for user bases such as iOS and Android Application, Cross-Platform and other varieties of backend and necessary web languages.

What We Do

We build, design and maintain web and mobile applications for all demanding users out there in the market

  • Web design & development: We are specialized in web design and development services and ensure to deliver tangible business results. QALBIT solution web developers help brands to create high-performing, feature-packed, and user-friendly design using the latest and proven web technologies.
  • Progressive Web App: Engage anywhere with the power of mobile and reach webpage with PWA. Progressive Web apps help to build a blended native app-like design and interface with offers faster user experience. Connect with us to improve speed, enhanced app utility, and high position in the market.
  • SEO: Optimize your website with SEO services with us as we help to get traffic, leads, and sales to strengthen your digital presence. Our Effective SEO services add On-Page SEO, Keyword Research, Link building, Competitor, etc. to obtain the best results and evolve with search engine metrics.
  • Digital Marketing: We are here to help you focus on growing business successfully with online marketing services. We hold hands to drive your business by using custom digital marketing strategies to deliver substantial ROI.
  • Social Media Marketing: Looking to get more traffic and engagement, build a strong social media presence using our Social Media Marketing services. We help you develop brand awareness, build a relationship, and increase website exposure.
  • Mobile App Design & Development: From the idea to design, from design to development we have experts who help you provide end-to-end services with best-delivered solutions. We build a successful app strategy using app designing and app development based on your business idea.
  • Hybrid App Development: We are committed to offering end-to-end hybrid app development solutions with providing excellent user experience. Our mobile developers can build native apps on platforms including Windows, Android, iOS, and more.
  • Oracle Taleo ATS: We have an expert team of Oracle Taleo ATS that helps to communicate in all your segments of websites with reflecting your brand. Besides, this user can add custom needed fonts, formats, site headers, footers, etc. to grow your business well. 
  • Job Board Development: If you’re looking to develop a Job Board Platform then here we are, next to you. To help you connect with employees, companies, and employers. Our expert team helps you develop a flexible web app within time and budget.

How We Do

Benefits of hiring the best web development company

  • Get Specialized Skills at one Place: Hire a Web Development Company that comes with all specialized skills in one place. No need to find a freelancer for doing a different task. We are one of the best web development companies where you’ll all together web designers, web developers, graphics designers, QA, etc. at an affordable price.
  • High-Quality Work: We as a web development company guarantee to offer the best quality of work. We follow the best coding practice and ensure to deliver a bug-free application. Our application is passed through various phases of testing and later delivered to the client.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Our web developer works in a well-organized structure to help the client to provide smooth project management. We assign projects to each web designer and web developers to report to our project manager and connect with clients to discuss details.
  • Long-Term Relationship: We as an organization invest in resources and aim to stay long in the market. No web development companies are different but the way of working, workflow, quality, trust, and relationship differ from each other. We ensure to deliver the best possible results with long-term relationship goals with our clients.
  • Support and Maintenance: We as web design and Development Company provide support and maintenance to our clients. Our deliverables are bug-free and come with regular updates whenever the client asks for. You don’t have to look for any web developers in case you want to make changes in the application or add features in there, as we are ready to offer you the best.

We work for you by working for you

Understanding the reason behind building a Website from us?

We analyze and understand the basic purpose of the requirement gathering with ease. Our professionals are well aware of the basic queries such as Why the website rebuilds for, What will be the actual number of users, Why to rebuild and not buying a ready made one and many more. Let’s dive in to know us better.

  • We establish Architect in Advance: We empower the business using this architecture as it clearly defines the entire flow of our work process. It gives us a fair idea about how our system and subsystem will perform and interact with each other. Additionally, we have specified the skillful developers’ team who are ready to accomplish goals.
  • We build a positive attitude and earning User’s Trust: This might look like a character but in actuality it’s the behavior of our web developers who carry a positive attitude with them. The team very well knows the organization’s goals and support in all areas. We build a website that earns a user’s trust by developing them a satisfactory site they have asked for.
  • Involvement of Testing and Project Execution Methodology at Early stage: Our web development team adopts testing and execution methods from the very beginning of the project. Hire a developer as we have a professional team that can perform all kinds of testing- Unit, Performance, Functional, Automated and more. Our project method adds Agile, Waterfall, DevOps and more along with adding all-important phases to serve you best.
  • We don’t consider Security Aspects at the End: We have an expert team of QA who take care of all security concerns such as app security, cyber security, or other network security from starting till the end. We line up all security arrangements at each project phase and interwoven into the application with ease.

To Conclude

When you’re running a business, you are tempted to do everything by yourself but it’s not feasible every time. So let me remind that you always have an alternative to hiring a web design and development company to easily get your work done. If you think, we are the best fit for you and are looking for a vertical-specific mobile app Development Company, we are always ready to serve you better. Hire Web app developers from us to build great products to grow your business quickly.