How mobile app is useful for startup business

Wed, 22.07.2020
Abidhusain Chidi
Co-Founder and CEO
How mobile app is useful for startup business

Nowadays, it’s just so common to hold the smartphone by any individual. Technology has made even complex things easier and handier. We come across any fields things have turned out digital. Gone were those days where people didn’t have any search engines like Google, Yahoo, YouTube, etc.. It wasn’t easy to get connected with each other. As the era of Technology Started, it ruled over the world making people smarter than as before. Mobiles Apps have made things Simpler and efficient in handling the work getting done.

What is Mobile Apps?

Well, in today’s world there could be no person who hasn’t used Smartphones. Smart Phones have made people Smarter Enough to make things Done. Every Smart Phone runs mobile apps based on that particular mobile operating system.

Mobile Applications are the software programs that are developed for mobile devices to perform certain Work. According to the Recent Study and Analyses, there are 2.96 million Applications running on Google Play Store. Which was originally launched in October 2008 Under the Name Android Market.

What are Startup Companies??

A Startup is a company which has just been organised with a minimal number of employees, lead by the Owner of a Organisation having a motto of Self-Employment or to encourage Entrepreneurship. Every Multi-National level Companies were once a start-up.

In the early stages, Start-up Companies have little or no revenue coming in. They have an idea that they have to develop, test, and Market. Think about the most innovative industry-leading business Google, Apple, Facebook. How many people believe they had it all figured out when they first started out?

With addition of more than 1,300 Start-ups this year so far, India continues to reinforce its position as the third largest Start up Eco-System in the world according to IT industry nasscom.

Why is it Useful?

Do you know mobile phone users are Spending about 87% of their time in various mobile applications as Compared to just 13% on the Website. With the affordability of Smartphones Women, Men and Children from all across the world are also connected digitally.These Smartphones not only allow us to communicate with our dear ones also getting them working with just few clicks. This Global technology influences Business Tycoons to incorporate mobile application, to frequently communicate with Customers.

How its gonna benefit Start-Ups?

Since, We are in a digital Era any domain we look into has turned into Online platform. Assume if we are planning to Establish a new start up which needs to be gained attention from the common people. Mobile Apps are a great way to reach out to Customers.

Mobile apps are building relationship between customers to e-store at all time. Also mobile apps help to increase the reach, facilitate the ease of use and connect customers with our brand more effectively than any another channel.

How Start Up can increase Profits by Apps?

Well, Mobile Apps plays important role in increasing revenue of the Company. The Major Challenge that any Start Up Could Face is not getting Marketed to Consumers who wouldn’t be aware of any new emerging organization which is a root cause issue in Revenue of Company. Assume if we are going to Promote Our Company through website platforms it doesn’t get reached to local consumers. Where Mobile App gives a reach out to local users.

Mobile App adds a benefit by giving a chance to monitor customer needs by tracking the browsing history and placing the Recommendations based on the products that is been watched by customers. Accordingly, we can offer a personalized experience for attracting more users in order to increase revenue from mobile apps.


  • Increase the Consumers: Apps play a important role in reaching consumers from the ground level. Existing Customers who are been Satisfied with the needs would recommend to download the app and view the products to purchase.
  • Ratings and Feedback: The feedback and rating taken from the consumers would be useful to understand the customer Requirements and modify the Needed Requirements.
  • Constant Customer Connectivity: The scope of traditional shopping in shops and malls is getting reduced day by day, where mobile Apps are coming in, people get connected to shop and also get offers.
  • Ease of Access: Apps are the fastest and best way for customers to buy product as well receive services. The presence of apps is essential for business to increase efficiency.


By now, I am pretty sure that You have a got clear idea about the role that mobile apps play in the benefits, of any Start-Up Company to increase its Revenue.