Key Reasons To Switch Reactjs For Front-End Development

Mon, 10.01.2022
Abidhusain Chidi
Co-Founder and CEO
Key Reasons To Switch Reactjs For Front-End Development

Well, you can’t deny the fact that to keep thriving in the tech sector, you have to keep an eye on the newest tools and trends. We all know that the world of front-end development keeps advancing, and there are a plethora of front-end frameworks. That is why it becomes more difficult for business owners to choose the perfect tool and make the right judgment.

The most popular tool among business owners for front-end development is Angular; however, if you are looking for better front-end development services to carry your business online. Then ReactJS is the best option for you. The new ReactJS is a popular front-end development framework, which is now becoming the first choice of web developers. Keep reading to know more about ReactJS.

What is ReactJS?

We think it would be better to give you a brief description of ReactJS. If put, ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library developed by Facebook precisely for front-end development. Due to its simplicity and flexibility, ReactJS has gained a lot of popularity in a very short time. With minimal coding, you can create high-quality and engaging user-interfaces web apps. Moreover, according to the creator of React JS web development, it is a swift, easy and scalable tool for front-ends.

It has gained popularity so extensively that the recent survey by stack overflow revealed that it had surpassed the “used-to-be” most popular front-end tool, Angular. As in the list of most-loved front-end frameworks, Angular was on 9th, while ReactJS topped the list.

Big companies like Uber, Netflix, and many others are regular customers of ReactJS, and more than 200,000 websites are using ReactJS development services. Now you must be thinking that there must be some phenomenal benefits of ReactJS; well, you are right!

5 Primary Benefits of ReactJS

Although there are tons of benefits of ReactJS, we have gathered some primary benefits, which makes it a good fit for front-end development services. Check out these benefits:

  1. Higher Performance

It was designed so that it can provide developers with high performance. The core feature of ReactJS is virtual DOM which ensures that the representation of UI components is collected in memory to get synced with real DOM via ReactDOM library, and it also has server-side rendering. This is how it ensures that complex applications run exceptionally fast. 

  1. Active Community

As we have already mentioned above, it was developed by Facebook; however, it is still managed. And they provide users with strong and active corporate assistance. As the ReactJS community is growing at a fast pace, that is why in the future, it will become a lot easier to hire developers proficient in ReactJS development services.

  1. Easy to Manage

The modular structure of ReactJS makes it very easy to manage and remodel the code. In the long run, it can save you a ton of resources such as time and money as ReactJS projects are extremely flexible and easy-to-scale

  1. Very Simple to Learn

Front-end development frameworks such as Angular and Vue are considered to be a very complex task to learn; however, ReactJS made it very easy to learn for users. This is the core reason behind its popularity.

  1. Higher Quality in Lesser Time

ReactJS has a function that allows users to create modular and clean codes. And thus, it breaks the React projects into distinct components. This is how it increases the productivity of ReactJS development Companies as it enables them to reuse the code.

Key Reasons to go for ReactJS to Enable Front-end Development

Now you know the benefits of using ReactJS, even till now if you are not convinced that it is a better option. Then check out the below-mentioned reasons:

  1. Trusted by Some Big Names

Would you rather go for some less known front-end frameworks? Or would you rather choose that framework, which is trusted by big brands such as Apple, Instagram, and many more? Well, we know your answer already! You must go for it because the leading global brands are its users, which is why it becomes a reliable and trustworthy option. 

It may be shocking to you, but it is a fact! Most companies from fortune 500 use ReactJS for their website and mobile application; some of them are Tesla, Tencent QQ, and Airbnb are some of the top brands which are regular users of ReactJS.

Sometimes it is better to listen to a million voices saying the same thing; just give it a try!

  1. Rich User Interface

The success of a ReactJS development company depends upon its capability to develop a creative user interface. Thanks to ReactJS, which allows the developers to create such rich interfaces with its unique functions. 

And, if an interface is designed carelessly, it will reduce its chances of success, whereas a high-quality UI will make users fall in love with it. Hence, creating an attractive UI interface ensures that a business will thrive.

  1. Custom Components

It enables users to create custom components, and you can go for React’s optional syntax, that is, JSX. By using its syntax extension, you can draw your components.

These elements take in HTML quoting basically, which makes all sub-elements rendering a wonderful involvement for the web development professionals.

  1. SEO Friendly

While running a business online, one could never overlook SEO because it is the only key to grabbing the attention of your potential customers. 

With that being said, ReactJS is the only front-end framework available in the market which is SEO Friendly. By using SEO, you can increase the credibility of your business, and also you can increase your website’s ranking.

Experts say that if your website takes time to download, then it reduces the curiosity of the visitors and will lower your rank also! Higher the rendering, the higher the ranking. 

Thanks to ReactJS, it increases the page loading time. Such a function is not available in other frameworks if compared. This can help your business’ website to get the first rank on google search.

  1. Valuable Backward Compatibility

The most common fear of developers is whether the application that they have developed will work on older versions or not. However, with ReactJS, developers can rest assured as it is backed by Facebook. Therefore, they have invested heavily in the framework, which makes it backwards compatible.

Key Takeaways

There must be some effective benefits of ReactJS web development that has become so popular, we are forcing you to use it. Just try it once, and you will observe the advantages of this front-end framework. 

There are millions of front-end libraries and frameworks, so rather than wasting your time in using them all, give ReactJS a worthy try! I hope we have added some value to the lives of our readers. Thanks for reading this blog. Keep learning!

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Frequently asked questions

chevron down Why is React highly effective for the frontend?

React is effective as it offers web developers the capability to work on a virtual browser, which is more user friendly than the actual browsers.

chevron down Why Should You Utilize React for Web development?

React is swift, goes well with component-based UI, supple in building blocks and assists to develop large-scale applications.

chevron down Why is ReactJS so popular?

ReactJS is popular as it offers reusable elements and components turning user interface development into a rapid and cost-effective procedure.