Why You Should Use Codeigniter: Features and Benefits of Codeigniter

Mon, 03.01.2022
Abidhusain Chidi
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Why You Should Use Codeigniter Features and Benefits of Codeigniter

All the thriving enterprise businesses have one thing in common: their comprehensive website and online presence. We live in a digital era, and you cannot think of running a business without a well-designed website. So, it is easy to run a business without office space in these technologically advanced times, but you can’t even think of having a thriving company business without a website portal. 

Therefore, having a decent and well-functioning website is a must. However, this aspect leads to confusion among web developers. This scenario is because there are a plethora of frameworks and libraries to choose from for web-based development. However, don’t be so concerned or anxious. We have got you completely covered! As today we will show you the incredible advantages of CodeIgniter. Keep on reading for a thorough understanding of CodeIgniter.

What is CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is a friendly and straightforward Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) framework crafted and developed for website development. By using this toolkit, a developer can produce a full-fledged website. Due to its simple framework and exclusive features, web developers can create high-quality web applications. 

PHP CodeIgniter has seen enormous growth in the market because of its versatile features. Moreover, web applications developed using the CodeIgniter framework were quite successful as they were simple, elegant, and user-friendly. Do you know why it is getting popular among developers? Because any web application developed by using the CodeIgniter framework performs effectively and swiftly.

Top 5 Benefits of CodeIgniter

We know that you are not yet entirely convinced. As there are plenty of frameworks, and you can’t afford to check all of them one by one as it will cost you a considerable amount of time. Therefore, check out these fascinating CodeIgniter features, and your life will change forever:

  1. Handling Errors

If you are one of those expert web developers or professionals who like to create a bug-free website, you should go for CodeIgniter. Due to its flawless and extraordinary features, one could develop unique web applications.

Moreover, suppose you would like to examine whether your existing application is working seamlessly or not. In that case, you can check it from its simple user-interface feature, which helps find bugs, which obstruct the website’s well-functioning and eventually enhance your users’ experience. Also, the errors in code are displayed while working to help you write an error-free code.

  1. Security Measures

CodeIgniter is one of the most reliable frameworks when it comes to security. It provides peace of mind to developers so that they can code without worrying about data leaks. Because of its various end-to-end encryption and decryption features, PHP CodeIgniter has become one of the most popular PHP platforms among developers. 

Additionally, if your website contains the payment feature, then the security of your customers’ bank details becomes your utmost priority. And adding a payment gateway to your website is not an easy task; however, you can develop a secured website with the help of this incredible platform!

  1. SEO-friendly Features

This aspect is also one of the critical features of CodeIgniter; when you have an online business, making your website rank on google becomes an essential task. As a business owner, you would like to reach millions of people and want to be their first choice, and for that, you have to be the top website in google search. 

All the gurus of digital marketing prefer CodeIgniter because they want to create more traffic for their website, and in such cases, you cannot overlook the benefits of SEO. However, with CodeIgniter features, you can develop an SEO-Friendly site and make your website rank at the top. Moreover, besides this feature, its other functions ensure that the website’s overall functionality is enhanced without disturbing the website’s layout.

  1. User-friendly Interface

One thing that you will find common and familiar among all the successful websites is their fantastic UI. The most important and attractive part of a website is its user interface. The success of a business is equally proportional to the attractiveness of the website’s UI! And this is one of the advantages of CodeIgnitera developer can create a User-friendly Interface to elevate the user’s overall experience. 

If you want to create a website with a unique responsive system or hunt for a website with an elegant UI, you must go for CodeIgniter! You have to search for a decent Codeigniter development company to understand your expectations and present you with the required results.

  1. Test-Driven Development

While working on tons of projects, CodeIgniter development companies look for ways through which they can increase their efficiency! Thanks to CodeIgniter, its functions enable a developer to check the functionality of a website step-by-step. This helps in finding the bugs or errors in advance, so you don’t have to recode once you are done working.

And it is the only platform that comes with test-driven development technology, every phase of the development can be checked, and in case if there is any improvement required, you can do it step-by-step. This increases the overall efficiency and eventually leads to productivity.

Key Takeaways

There are numerous benefits of CodeIgniter. If you were in search of a PHP platform, then your hunt ends here with CodeIgniter. You can’t deny that there must be something in this framework, which is why it is getting so popular among developers.

Selecting a developer to create your website is a backbreaking task; with our services, you can have desired results. Thanks for reading. I hope we have added some value to your life.

At QalbIT, we are a leading product and Codeigniter development company. Let’s get in touch to enable your upcoming web development projects!

Abidhusain Chidi


Frequently asked questions

chevron down Why is CodeIgniter helpful?

We have already read and explored the benefits of CodeIgniter. You must be pretty convinced now that it has some exceptional features that make it a reliable PHP platform.

chevron down What is CodeIgniter Development?

CodeIgniter is an open-source web development platform. Here you can create unique web applications with the help of its features which will ease your work. And it is the perfect platform for PHP developers to develop an application from scratch.

chevron down What are the beneficial features of CodeIgniter?

The primary and beneficial features of CodeIgniter are:
· A very secure platform for developing a web application.
· It provides easy configuration of documents.
· It has a simple structure, and development through CodeIgniter is very simple.
· It provides accurate solutions to bugs and is very light in weight.
· It is effortless and straightforward to use yet creates terrific technological work.