The guide to building an on-demand parcel/courier delivery web app

Tue, 12.01.2021
Abidhusain Chidi
Co-Founder and CEO
The guide to building an on-demand parcel/courier delivery web app

Digitalization has led to an exceptional boom in the e-Commerce and online shopping industries. The global business of online delivery is expanding with the advent of on-demand parcel and courier delivery apps. Such applications have set new fundamentals in the E-commerce industries.

How does a Web App for Parcel/Courier Delivery Work?

An on-demand courier delivery app allows you to track and deliver your packages on a scheduled time slot. But not all package delivery apps operate and function in the same way. Each model has its implication and related benefits. To develop your required on-demand parcel delivery application, functioning and structural knowledge is an important aspect of every model.

Let us look at the different business models for a courier delivery business

The Package Tracking App –

Data from each carrier gets collected in one place. These delivery parcel tracking apps do – they aggregate the data from all of your packages into one place. All you need to do is to add the parcel with its ID. Then you are all set to receive timely push notifications regarding the updates of your delivery.

Postal and Courier Service App –

A parcel delivery application comes with bunches of benefits. You cannot ignore the importance of a website application in a postal or courier service. An efficient application with a fully equipped customer admin does not allow you to make shipments but facilitates you to print out labels for those shipments.

Branded Delivery apps with Integrated Solutions

Many retailers prefer branded package delivery apps due to the many competitive advantages that come along with them.

This type of business model involves the use of website applications with order tracking features. Using such integrated apps allows various online shoppers to provide total scope for successful delivery. The customers you are delivering to get to know all the information regarding the dispatch, shipment, and delivery of their order. As an online retailer, you get to establish better customer relations and improvise your brand image by adopting this particular model. These advantages can be availed due to the improved transparency and convenience to the customers.

How to Create an On-demand Parcel Delivery Web App for Package Tracking?

You can choose any business model. In these approaches, you would need these essentials- time, determination, and technical expertise. Making a well-structured and efficient delivery application according to your business requirements needs tedious and cautious efforts.

Following are the right steps to proceed –

Choose the Right Business Model
It is the first factor that you need to do to get started on building your courier delivery web app. Perform a regressive analysis of all the existing models in the market and single out the one that suits your business requirements. Out of the several options available, pick a model that works for you.

Decide whether you need a branded retailer shipping app, or an on-demand parcel delivery app. There are other factors worth taking into consideration-your business domain, required resources, long-term business goals, and your target audience.

Define Your Business Requirements and Goals
You need to understand the specifications, long-term goals, requirements, opportunities, and technical limitations of your business model.

Functionality includes – Where would be your service operational? What areas would it cover? A city, a country, or the entire globe? Other factors to consider are the parcel size, weight, packaging, and delivery type.

Identify the Right Scope of Features
Always list the specifications you need in your app according to your business requirement and goals. Communicate them to your designers and developers. Identifying the right scope of features is essential. Each business model offers scope and functionality. Though each model has its specifications unique, certain features are shared by all courier & package delivery applications.

Below are some of the features that every package delivery and tracking app should possess –

1 – Admin chat
Admin chat facility allows the admin to maintain continuous communication with the customer along with the delivery person.

2 – Premium delivery
Premium delivery feature allows the user to ask for a faster and prompt delivery service in return for an extra payment.

3 – Real-time tracking
The real-time tracking feature is common with all the driver apps, admin panel, and the customer app. It allows the users to track the exact location of their order.

4 – Push notifications
Push notifications inform the user about the latest updates regarding their order. These push notifications inform users generally about the estimated time of delivery, the contact information of the driver, various promos and offers, and the current location of the order.

5 – Payment gateway
Another feature that is worth important in your delivery app is a payment gateway. E-wallets, debit or credit cards, bank transfers are examples of payment gateways that you can integrate into your app.

6 – Rating and review
This feature allows the customer to rate and review your service. Customer reviews also help you to improvise your services.

7 – Rewards and offers
Rewards and offers are a source to attract your customers and increase customer loyalty.

8 – Launch, Learn and Improve
People try to build a full-fledged application in one process. Create a priority list for the app features. It reduces risks and increases app efficiency.

Benefits of Parcel Delivery App Development
Every parcel delivery and tracking apps come loaded with benefits that you can exploit. Let us have a look at some of the profits that you can achieve from implementing a parcel delivery app –

  • An on-demand delivery app provides an easy way to let your clients keep track of their orders. Timely updates from shipment and delivery are the most important factors. Such apps ensure prompt and improved customer service to users and also boost your brand image. A strong brand image provides both customer loyalty and higher revenue in turn.
  • Improve your staff’s flexibility with the use of delivery applications.
  • Package delivery services do not require any sort of in-house couriers. You can, therefore, easily hire independent contractors for parcel delivery without keeping them in your in-house staff.

Customize your On-demand Delivery Web App Development

You can get your web app for courier service developed according to your requirement. It can be one way or round trip on your client’s necessity. Many other features like Logistics, Trucking, and same-day delivery can be included.

An efficient on-demand delivery application can put your business working and increasing. Thus it is always advisable to leave it in professional and reliable hands for web development. Get in touch with a professional and tell them your business requirements. And you are all done!!

Abidhusain Chidi


Frequently asked questions

chevron down What is a parcel/courier delivery application?

When a parcel or courier need to be delivered from one place to another, this is where a parcel/courier application comes into play. Whenever an order is received, the parcel or courier is collected from the source and delivered to the destination.

chevron down How to make a parcel/courier conveyance application?

Pick an application design. Think of the highlights to add to make your application stand out in the competitive world. Realise the business limits at the same time. Understand how the whole dispatch process works. Permit the whole workflow to be clear in mind.

chevron down How much does the parcel/courier delivery application cost?

Parcel or courier delivery applications can cost as low as $1000 to as high as $100,000. The expense of a project does rely upon a few variables, from the size to the usefulness of your site, website architecture organisation, UI/UX, assets, and cut off time, that affects the cost.

chevron down How to make such an application?

Start with GPS integration leading to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Settle on the highlights for a future application. Make an alluring, however, basic UI/UX plan. Assemble an in-house or committed development group.

chevron down Is the parcel/courier business growing?

Delivering parcels or couriers from one place to another comprise a lot of necessities like food, medicines, jewellery, and so much more, making such apps most sought after, and they offer genuinely necessary assistance for any local area. With little difficult work, a delivery business can be productive.