Can Laravel run on shared hosting?

Tue, 01.12.2020
Mohsinali Chidi
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Can Laravel run on shared hosting

Engineers would prefer to run Laravel on shared hosting for one explanation – cost saving. Shared hosting is modest as soil and customers who don’t have a clue about the function of the fundamental hosting arrangement in the app performance prefer shared hosting to save project costs. Likewise, engineers for the most part introduce and run Laravel to shared hosting without considering the issues it reasons for the end-clients.

In the age where VPS and cloud-based hosting are within the budgets of almost everyone, it is astonishing that Laravel shared hosting is still existing.

About Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a type of hosting service that permits various sites to share an actual web worker and its assets. It implies that different sites share a single hosting server.

Could Laravel run on Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting utilized for Laravel Applications can cause the accompanying troubles –

  • You are just permitted a limited amount of bandwidth & disk space.
  • You probably will not approach SSH Terminal.
  • Slow and compromised application performance.

Burdens of Shared Hosting’s

Shared hosting solutions come with a whole set of issues with the capability of souring the arrangement for every client.

1 – Multiple Sites Hosted on a Single Server

One of the significant drawbacks of shared hosting is that there are numerous different sites – separated from your own – that share a similar server.

2 – Bandwidth and Disk Space

With shared hosting, you get is limited bandwidth and disk space on a server that may not be enough for your website.

3 – Security

On the off chance that you have a shared hosting server, your website is not secure. The programmers are there searching for simple prey. This is a major concern. To spare your site from such hackers, you must opt for a dedicated managed hosting service, instead of shared hosting.

4 – No SSH Terminal

With a shared hosting service, you do not get any SSH Terminal. Thus, it’s a major no, as missing SSH Terminal can be lamentable for your site.

5 – Server Performance and Response Time

On shared hosting, startling web traffic could affect the server’s limited bandwidth resources. This will at last bring about a moderate reaction or stacking time. Every Laravel application conveyed on shared hosting will encounter 500 error because of server performance.

Reasons why Laravel must not be hosted or run on Shared Hosting Servers.

If you are using shared hosting, do not ever think of running a Laravel application. These two do not match and fit well with each other. Today, everyone is looking for a cheap hosting service, without knowing the cost that they will have incurred in the future.

For a Laravel application to work smoothly, the security and performance of your website are the most important aspects to be considered. And shared hosting compromises both of these aspects.

1 – Application Backup

The greatest concern when utilizing Laravel shared hosting is the lack that there is no application backup facility available. . If the data is lost, it is lost until the end of time. In this way, shared hosting is not an option for Laravel applications.

2 – Security and Performance

At last, site security and execution are significant issues that developers tend to face. By moving everything into your Document Root you open your application to indifferent individuals, most outstandingly, programmers, which leave you vulnerable to malicious attacks against your website. Now, you ought to genuinely consider changing to an alternate web have which is more fit to have PHP structures like Laravel. These are caused essentially because of limited resources and issues in the server setup.

3 – SSH Terminal Features

You should realize that shared hosting service providers don’t offer SSH Terminal highlights. Additionally, there is no form control uphold accessible, consequently, you have restricted choices to work with. You can work with FTP as it were.

If there is no SSH Terminal accessible, you will not have any access to the composer or any other command-line tools to work with.

3 – The Easy Solution

We have you covered with an ideal answer for all your Laravel hosting issues. It is none other than cloud hosting.

Why Cloud Hosting?

Using managed cloud hosting services like the one gave by Cloudways, you can undoubtedly run Laravel to your server in a tick using Git or SSH terminal, sponsored up by fantastic web security highlights. Outsourcing an organization’s related computing and storage resources can be done through cloud hosting to a service provider for its infrastructure services.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting

The advantages of cloud hosting outnumber the benefits of shared hosting. They are –

1 – Reliability

Unwavering quality is one of the main highlights that cloud hosting offers. Instead of hosting your website on a shared server, it is better to host your website on a dedicated virtual cloud server which draws its resource from an extensive network of underlying physical servers.

2 – Scalability

Cloud hosting servers offer versatility for your sites, as the assets are accessible on-request and not restricted to the actual limit of an individual server.

3 – Performance and Security

With regards to the presentation and security for your Laravel applications, cloud hosting offers the best possible solutions. At the base, the security highlights incorporate a firewall and a whitelist of IP addresses.

Cloud Hosting suppliers for Laravel

There are numerous mainstream cloud hosting providers that incorporate Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google’s GCE facilitating, DigitalOcean (DO). Google offers its Google Compute Engine (GCE) and Google Cloud Storage for the endeavor. Advanced Ocean gives brilliant and dependable cloud hosting services.


Numerous Developers are yet utilizing Laravel shared hosting services due to many reasons that include low client budgets or fewer requirements about security and backup.

Various weaknesses have been explained when you run the Laravel application on a shared hosting server. All things considered, you should choose a cloud hosting server to run your Laravel app to reap the unprecedented benefits in the long run. Finally, Are you looking for a web app development on Laravel?


Frequently asked questions

chevron down Which is the best hosting for Laravel?

The top five Laravel web hosting solutions include HostSoch, InMotion, ResellerClub, HostPapa, and HostGator.

chevron down What is meant by shared hosting?

A common web hosting administration is facilitation, where numerous sites dwell on one web server associated with the Internet. This scenario is the most prudent choice for hosting, as the general expense of server upkeep is spread over numerous clients.

chevron down Where to deploy a Laravel application?

The leading infrastructure providers where Laravel Forge can build servers include DigitalOcean, Linode, and AWS.

chevron down Is shared hosting safe?

Shared Hosting is exceptionally secure. Shared hosting is the most well-known preference taken by a large portion of the sites. However, one disadvantage of shared hosting is sharing the server with numerous different sites, and if there is no proper hosting organization, it can backfire.

chevron down What are the highlights of shared hosting?

Shared hosting gives the savviest facilitating arrangement. It is adaptable. It is not tricky to self-handle. Multiple domains can be hosted at the same time. It is also helpful for managing dynamic sites.