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The Pros and Cons of Selecting WordPress for your Website CMS

Tue, 18.01.2022
Abidhusain Chidi
Co-Founder and CEO
The Pros and Cons of Selecting WordPress for your Website CMS

Since its introduction in 2003, the WordPress platform has been one of the best blogging platforms and is the largest CMS in the digital market. Moreover, it is powering over 34% of the websites on the internet, according to the records of 2019.

WordPress has also been established as the world leader in the industry. When it comes to the perfect platform for building the website, we recommend that WordPress be the first choice for starting your website CMS.

Pros of using WordPress

The advantages of WordPress are numerous. Some of them are as follows:

  1. User-friendly CMS

WordPress turns out to be a robust content management system because it comes with Origin for blogging. With WordPress’s website, it is easy for the admin to go ahead with the navigation through the back end. 

The WordPress site also offers help with uploading the new content. In this regard, it can be said that WordPress, as a part of WordPress development services, makes it extremely simple to organize the content without website management knowledge.

  1. Less Expensive

WordPress development services development and management of the blog or website using WordPress turn out to be significantly cheaper when compared to hiring the designer for building the site from scratch. 

In addition to that, WordPress for WordPress comes with free-to-install templates and a cost-effective approach with one-click hosting plans. Website building should not be as costly as that of the old days. In this regard, reliable CMS like WordPress stands out.

  1. Extraordinary Themes

More than around 1.1 million fresh WordPress domains come up every six months. The platform WordPress comes with options for choosing the desired theme from the range of premium themes. If it isn’t easy for you to apply the strategies yourself, then invest in hiring a WordPress development company. There are also big corporations using WordPress.

  1. Search Engine Optimization Ready Platform

WordPress development company can offer the best plans with the SEO for your site. WordPress turns out to be Search Engine Optimization ready and will be very beneficial for you in the long run. 

The constant support for favourable Google indexing alongside the availability of customizable components and plugins makes a site competitive when it comes to search engine ranking. There won’t be any better platform than WordPress when it comes to Optimization.

  1. Range of the plugins

One of the top reasons to invest in WordPress is that the availability of plugins is one of the top features of WordPress. WordPress plugins also ensure the customization and enhancement of the WordPress site. If you want to make specific changes to the functionality, then there are chances that there is no plugin for just doing that. WordPress holds around 60.8 percent of the market share in the CMS marketplace. You can go ahead with assessing the quality of the plugins to ensure that they will be Top Notch in terms of security.

  1. Responsiveness

One of the top features of WordPress is its high-end responsiveness. WordPress comes with a range of themes. These teams are very reliable as well as very responsive. 

The increasing rate of Internet surfing on mobile devices is increasing the demand for mobile-friendly sites with consistency across all the devices. In this regard, it can be said that WordPress turns out to be very beneficial in this objective.

  1. Easy to Conduct Updates

The best part of considering the WordPress CMS is that you can just go ahead with the maintenance of the site on your own from wherever you are. This is one of the top advantages of WordPress. 

You have to have a little bit of development knowledge or experience that will help you make the everyday changes to the site whenever necessary. Also, it ensures backlinking and syndication when it comes to organizing content across the other website’s directories.

  1. Perfect E-Commerce Marketing

Plenty of people have been engaged with E-Commerce websites. WordPress can offer loads of services for entrepreneurs looking forward to opportunities to develop top-notch E-Commerce sites. It is true that the CMS also comes with several plugins, including Woo Commerce, to ensure that the site is efficient. WordPress powers 39.6% of the internet. The development also makes it easier to direct traffic to the eCommerce site, increasing conversion and sales.

  1. One-click Increased Security

This is one of the prime reasons for choosing WordPress. It can keep away the rise in cybersecurity threats. Good web design and development skills will be helping you a lot in this field. Also, you can use the security plugins available with WordPress alongside the updates to ensure that the site is free from Malware.

There are certain instances where WordPress isn’t always a good idea.

Cons of using WordPress

  1. Vulnerability to Attacks

The sites vulnerable to attacks are quite attractive for the potential hackers to access the site. There is a need for good knowledge regarding choosing the plugins and themes for the WordPress site. Make sure that you are assessing the quality of the WordPress plugin.

  1. Speed

Certain things come with unnecessary generic code. It can decrease the speeds of the sites and cause slow loading. Lack of proper expertise in WordPress turns out to be sometimes hard for understanding what code you will be needing and what code you can do without.

  1. Customization Options

Customization turns out to be quite expensive. In this regard, you must access the flexible tools and drag and drop web builder tool sets available in the website building. Market updates sometimes break up some of the functionalities and lead to potential issues.

  1. Lack of Dedicated Support

This is one of the major reasons that sometimes people have shifted from investing in WordPress CMS. The open-source WordPress platform is not a commercial product. That said, there is a lack of dedicated support. Some forums and blogs will be guiding you with excellent information, but it is good sometimes to hire a developer.

Key Takeaways

WordPress turns out to be one of the most popular CMS for Enterprises. Whenever you are looking out for the perfect CMS platforms for an enterprise website or looking for the migration from another enterprise, it is always good to go for the WordPress CMS that will be helping you to a huge extent. In this article, we have stated the list of the advantages of using WordPress alongside the disadvantages.

Abidhusain Chidi


Frequently asked questions

chevron down Is WordPress good for CMS?

WordPress is the best CMS as it turns out to be the most user-friendly, including the most themes and plugins with the biggest support community. WordPress security plugins make it a better platform.

chevron down Why is WordPress the Best CMS for Web Development?

WordPress comes with a wide range of user bases, offers Multiple Themes and Plugins. The salient feature of WordPress is offering thousands of pre-designed themes. SEO Friendliness, Security platform turns out to be the best.

chevron down What are the advantages and disadvantages of using WordPress?

Advantages of WordPress include User-Friendly CMS, Plugins, SEO-Friendliness, Responsiveness, and similar other features. Disadvantages include lack of Customization options and Vulnerabilities to malware attacks.