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Web Application – VUE or Angular or React!

Tue, 18.08.2020
Abidhusain Chidi
Co-Founder and CEO
Web Application VUE or Angular or React

In this new era of web/app development finding new ways and updating the present functions is a tedious task. Achieving the user goals by keeping it simple yet providing every function and solving their problem is the main goal. JavaScript is considered as the foundation of application development. It is a tiring task to choose the right framework for app development. Be it a beginner or a web developer or a freelancer it is very important to keep in mind the advantages and setbacks of the frameworks used in each aspect. Size of the app, time, budget, aims of the project, user goals, and available resources are the key factors to be considered.

Let’s get started here!
Vue, Angular, and React are the component focused frameworks.

VUE vs Angular vs React

Firstly, we have to consider a few questions to compare the three components and to conclude the best for the respective application.

  1. Which JavaScript framework provides better performance?
  2. Which JavaScript framework is more reliable?
  3. Is it easy to find developers for any of the above-mentioned frameworks?
  4. Which JavaScript framework is best suitable for small or large applications?
  5. How well we know about the core concepts of the mentioned three frameworks?
  6. Analysis of performance and speed of each framework.

Let us learn briefly about the three frameworks:

Angular: The oldest and biggest among the three frameworks, Angular was developed by Google in 2010. Angular has a lot of built-in features. It is a TypeScript based JavaScript framework. It is tremendously used for building simple or single-page applications. There are new versions of angular every two years once, Sometimes in a very short span of time. Angular can also be considered as a platform where angular is combined with other frameworks to provide better applications.

React: React was developed by Facebook as open-source front end library development in 2013. It simplifies the complicated interfaces used for web development. React is very minimalistic and it is a library to build UI. React is also used to build single-page applications. React is widely used in websites resulting in high traffic.

Vue: Evan You an Ex-Google employee developed Vue and has been maintaining it with community support. It has a light UI library compared to that of Angular but is it highly reliable in the present times. There are several high performing websites built by using the Vue framework. It is the youngest among the three frameworks and is said to be rapidly growing globally.

The Best- Angular, React, or Vue?

  1. Growth and support: As Angular is by google and React is by Facebook, there is no doubt on the growth of the two frameworks. These frameworks are updated regularly and also numerous versions are released for better web development functions. Whereas Vue is maintained by an open-source community and there is no fixed pathway that might cause a problem for the development of large apps.
  2. Finding Developers: As Angular is the oldest and well-established community, it is easier to find developers. Vue is simple to use and many developers are opting Vue framework for development. React on the other hand is a bit complicated as it uses more JavaScript and it is difficult for the developers to adapt to it. But as JavaScript is more disciplined than HTML, React can be more reliable. Vue is independent and allows developers to develop the website in an ordered format.
  3. Framework or Library: Angular is also considered as a platform that acts as a foundation for the app development. React is more flexible and allows the developers to perform mixed functions and go out of the box, but React has a high chance of going wrong. Vue is the cleanest of all, it is simple, user-friendly, straightforward forward, and flexible. Vue simplifies the process of web development.
  4. Performance: Compared to the other frameworks, all three Angular, React and Vue are exceptionally good. It is better not to conclude based on the performance as Angular is way ahead, React works well and Vue provides grat performance and memory.
  5. Developer-friendly: Angular and React have a certain format of functioning and requires immense knowledge to use any of these two frameworks. Vue is comparatively simple. But, Vue has issues when it has to deal with testing whereas Angular provides clear access for the developers to correct the errors.
  6. One Way Data Flow and Two Way Data Binding: One Way Data Flow is easy to understand as it is managed in one direction. Two Way Data Binding is more complex but gives a clear picture of coding efficiency. Angular uses Two Way Data Binding, React uses One Way Data Flow whereas Vue supports both.

Companies using the above-mentioned frameworks:

  1. Angular: Google, Forbes, weather applications, etc
  2. React: Facebook, Twitter, Uber, Netflix, etc
  3. Vue: GitLab, Alibaba, etc

Concluding on what is best?

The angular framework can be used to create large, complicated applications especially when advanced features have to be included. Also for object-oriented programing Angular is the best fit.

The React framework can be used to develop simple, single-page applications. Especially for JavaScript lovers looking for flexible features React does a fine job.

The Vue framework can be used for simple, quick app development. It is cleanest of all, easy to learn, and the best option for beginners. 

Finally, after learning briefly about the three frameworks and the key points to consider, we can conclude that choosing a particular framework solely depends on the kind of project the developer is working on as each framework has its advantages and disadvantages. If you have any project in your mind and wanted to get the quote please contact us.

Abidhusain Chidi


Frequently asked questions

chevron down What is React or Angular, or VUE?

React is a UI library, Angular is a wholly fledged front-end structure, while Vue.js is an ever-evolving structure. They can be utilised reciprocally to construct front-end applications, yet they're not 100%, so it's a good idea to look at them and comprehend their disparities.

chevron down Is React or Angular better for Web improvement?

Assuming you will construct an undertaking that will have a ton of modules, then, at that point, Angular will be the better decision as it will permit keeping up with the venture effortless. The Angular code will be much more straightforward and straightforward to alter also. Angular is, without a doubt, slower than ReactJS, so remember this thing too.

chevron down Is React or Angular better in 2021?

Beginning around 2019, React.js is way ahead of all comers and lost its ranking on top to ASP.NET. However, it's currently at the top. Angular, then again, remained in the centre.

chevron down Is React more well-known than Angular?

There are numerous famous systems accessible. In any case, React has a more impressive structure than Angular. Additionally, it has been advancing reliably for a couple of years. Its virtual DOM execution, server-side delivering advancements, and massive help from the Local developer community make it stick out.

chevron down Which is better: Angular or React, or Vue?

Vue gives higher adaptability and consequently is more straightforward to learn than Angular or React. Further, Vue has a cross-over with Angular and React concerning their usefulness, like the utilisation of parts. Consequently, the change to Vue from both of the two is a simple choice.