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Why should you depend on Flutter?

Wed, 12.08.2020
Abidhusain Chidi
Co-Founder and CEO
Why should you depend on Flutter

Are you thinking about why you should try Flutter on your next project? Be it a CTO or a tech lead or anybody else, you should know how to make efficient technical decisions in your business. Hence it would be mandatory for you to know why you should be choosing Flutter in the first place. Flutter offers every business with a variety of advantages.

What do you mean by Flutter?

Many professionals are having trouble while choosing the right mobile cross-platform development while dealing with a variety of projects. Each and every project is different but everything have a common aspect. The app would require you to work on many devices. It was a challenging aspect. How about having the same development platform for app development as well as game development? Flutter is the right choice to handle that.

When you have to choose native Android development, then you can choose Flutter as your cross-platform app development tool. It provides you with many choices which you can always be thankful for. In every way, Flutter is the best choice if you want to build solutions that matter for the future.

What are the advantages of Flutter?

Flutter consists of plenty of advantages. It has its own way of dealing with app development. Let’s take a look at what they are:

  1. Business Logic and UI in All Platforms
    As experts, we would be aware that any cross-platform framework would allow you to share your codebase with different target platforms. As of now, there are no platforms with which we can share the UI code besides that of Flutter.
    This type of rendering process would make your app-building process look more native. This can also make your platform look more simple.

  2. Reduction in the code development time
    When you want to build a mid-size Android app, it can take nearly 40 seconds to ship it on different test devices. This can help you reduce your overall code development time.

  3. Time-to-market increase in the speed
    This is a straightforward claim. We can see that Flutter development framework would function as its direct alternative. The major reason why Flutter app comes into picture is it requires two times lesser man-hours in comparison to the same app development processes in Android and iOS.
    Flutter would provide everyone with a declarative API when you want to build UI. This can also boost your performance.

  4. Same as Native App Performance
    For every UX designer, application performance plays a major role. It would be a safe bet to say that Flutter app development is more complex in case of UI development. In contrast to the approach involving many of the cross-platform frameworks, Flutter would not rely upon any code interpretation or representation. You can easily eliminate any kind of performance bugs with this.

  5. Customization at its core
    Flutter allows you to customize everything available on your screen. When you can handle custom UI, the efforts required would be more. You can customize anything from shared element transitions, colour, shape, transformations, clipping and shadow.

To conclude it

When you want to choose any app development platform, you have to understand its pros and cons in a better manner. With Flutter, you should be sure to build the best app development platforms that would matter to the people. In the case of Flutter, you can get the best native app development platform.

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