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What makes us unique and exclusive

We are a one-stop solution provider for HR, ATS and recruitment software development.

Hiring Solutions Services

As an HR software development agency, our goal is to build inclusive hiring technology solutions that provide control for all the hiring, application tracking, and job management processes.

  • We build job portals that enable recruiters, HR companies, and hiring teams to streamline the recruitment procedures.
  • At QalbIT, we develop ATS software to enhance candidate management and keep track of all job-related activities.
  • We work on advanced ATS such as iCIMS and Oracle Taleo.
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HR Portal Development

We develop HR portals that manage candidates with resourceful techniques so that you will get the precise candidate for the role.

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Job Portal Development

As a job portal development company, we build and enable job portal website development services to help clients locate candidates.

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ATS Integration

We rationalize HR systems and partnering ATSs through applicant tracking system integration and applying ATS integration API.

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Oracle Taleo Branding

Leverage your HR data and take your sourcing, recruiting, and onboarding to the subsequent level with Oracle Taleo ATS integrations.

Our Work

Take a look at some of our work

HR Management

A complete portal for hiring professionals to simplify the hiring process and save their valuable time with Candidate Online Video & Test interview.

Hotel & Restaurant
Hotel Bhagyoday

Site with awesome UI and with dynamic booking form for the guest to book a room and banquet.

Informatix Healthcare

A quick apple page to recruit hospital staff

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Frequently asked questions

chevron down What is ATS software?

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software solution that handles your complete hiring and recruitment procedure. It assists you in speeding up condidate management and essentially trims down time-to-fill.

chevron down What is the difference amid HRIS and ATS software?

The key difference amid an ATS and HRIS is timing. ATS software keeps tracking candidates in the pre-hiring process, while HRIS software monitors staff members once they are hired.

chevron down Which ATS platforms do you work on?

At QalbIT, we build ATS software to augment candidate management, monitor and track all jobs tasks. We work on modern-day ATS like Oracle Taleo and iCIMS.

chevron down What is ATS integration and how it works?

An ATS integration enables to feed data amid client's involved and integrated systems constantly. When data sets are updated in the ATS software by client stakeholders or a candidate, the integration automatedly feeds the data sets into other connected systems.

chevron down What is your pricing model?

We work on flexible pricing models with our clients. We even charge on a requirement basis or as per the project size and leverage the number of employees as a degree to measure the pricing.

chevron down What are HR portals used for?

HR portals are an internal gateway for an organization's staff to access HR connected and other insights about their workplace. It is even and admittance point for exterior applicants and probable applicants.

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