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What makes us unique and exclusive

We are a global strategy, UI/UX design, and leading development company.

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As a UI/UX design agency, our goal is to craft engaging digital experiences through our UI/UX design services. Our teams not only enhance your existing business but even build proficiencies for success in the future.

  • Rapid transformation creates uncertainty. But at QalbIT, we believe it showcases new opportunities.
  • We blend UI, UX, and architecture to revolutionize everyday user experiences and innovate something entirely new to enable our clients.
  • We facilitate human-centered experiences that back triumph inside and out.
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Research & strategy

We focus on the needs of real-world consumers and fetch data that serves as the groundwork for strategizing and planning a product.

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Concept & Validation

With visual branding, we identify ideas, concepts, and recommendations for digital touchpoints to validate the product strategies and plans.

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Product Design

Convert an idea or concept into a user story and craft the resources required to design and develop the validated product.

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Design System and Branding

Right from idea to delivery, our teams have got you covered. We create a brand design kit assisting clients in guiding their users by branding style and assets.

Our Work

Take a look at some of our work

Hotel & Restaurant
Hotel Bhagyoday

Site with awesome UI and with dynamic booking form for the guest to book a room and banquet.

Events, Members & Club Management
Snappy Stats

Snappystats is a shooting management web application through which club manages multiple events of shootings.

HR Management

A complete portal for hiring professionals to simplify the hiring process and save their valuable time with Candidate Online Video & Test interview.

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Frequently asked questions

chevron down What are UI and UX?

UI denotes the visual components by which people engage with a product, while UX involves the experience a user has with a service or product.

chevron down What is the difference between UI and UX?

UI deals with the engagement amid users and software solutions, while UX deals with user's complete experience with a software product or service.

chevron down Do you provide personalized UI/UX development?

We build appealing digital experiences through our UI/UX design services. Our teams not only improve your present digital presence but even enable personalized UI/UX development for success in the coming time as per futuristic trends.

chevron down Do you re-use designs?

We re-use designs for a client company to keep intact its branding and design patterns. However, our teams don’t re-use one client’s designs and replicate them for other clients.

chevron down What is your pricing model?

We work on fixed cost, time & material, hire dedicated resources and hybrid models with our clients.

chevron down Can I choose the designer of my choice?

We share the background and skill sets of our dedicated designers, and you can select the desinger of your choice.

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